Future of Smartwatches

Are Smartwatches reliable and really needed?

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The smart watches use advanced digital technology for the latest apps.Though it could be dangerous distraction when driving; Withdraws people from social activities; Must work in conjunction with a smartphone; Glitches, bugs and lags and used as a Fashion statement. But the Good Facts are - One can indulge in various activities of daily life like listening to call while concentrating on sports; Can help elderly with various life chores, as a reminder to take medicines, alerts / alarms, to track the location, save lives; Is helpful to sportsperson in setting targets and monitoring health and is safe and educational for kids.Earlier last year a 76 year old man’s apple smart watch started giving alerts that his heart rate was too high. He felt no pain but went to the hospital anyway. Upon getting examined the doctors had found out that three main coronary arteries, two were completely blocked, and one was 90 percent blocked. Because of the alert from the smartwatch Gaston D’Aquino is still alive today.All these facts tell us that smart watches are reliable and can save lives.

The Future

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Let's talk about the future of smartwatches If we consider usage of smartwatches these days it's pretty limited as - Either tech-savvy (who have interest in the functionality of the gadgets) use it or athletes use it to monitor their health or generally youth use it to show off It is also uncertain whether companies would consider making smartwatches as the cost can add up quickly for common people. But the reality is the demand for smartwatches is on the rise because of its minimal size and portability, varying functionality and intriguing and innovative new features