Benefits of Smart Watches

What are the benefits of Smart Watches

A smart watch is a computerized wristwatch with funcuntality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping.They have huge advantages over normal watches, such as You can receive calls, get notifications or reply to messages on the go. This is especially useful if you are exercising or on the move. They can tell you directions and come with built in GPS which people are finding much more convenient that staring at a map or your phone screen. You can browse websites, use social media networks- twitter, facebook, whatsapp They come with built in pedometer and fitness apps. It can count steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep and much more. They have in-built camera features and Bluetooth which you can use to play your favourite music. If you have a smart watch on your wrist, you no longer need to bring your phone out of your pocket.

Feature of Smart Watches

Smartwatch Developers

There are couple of smartwatch developers – the main ones are – Sony, Samsung, Pebble, Apple and Fitbit

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